Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Monday, April 5, 2010

"Detail of sculpture of Inuit 'Shaman' and family from the rare color of Woolly Mammoth Ivory discovered in the Bering Sea.  The very best colors found in this rare ivory is only discovered in the salt water regions of the Arctic including bright red, which is some of the most scarce.  'Chocolate browns and dark blues are available as well and are not found in the interior of Alaska."
"Pendant motif of an Inuit trader with a container of 'seal oil' with a dimension of  two inches @ wholesale of $50.00 carved on one side, 'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' designed by artist William Sidmore"  "I have made hundreds of designs similar, targeting the Arctic interests and the majority have sold through the Skagway, Alaskan tourist market."  "Local Alaskan collector's market also enjoy the 'unique' designs I create for them during my sojourns to the Arctic regions." 
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory sculpted jewelry designs are 'specifically' designed and target markets for the most desired sales response."  "The designed, pictured here, is of a 'Shaman' relationship with his 'totem' of which falls into a traditional, prehistoric concept."  "I have used these concepts with success for many years and continue to offer them to the Alaskan market."