Friday, September 30, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Clear and shallow river, running north to the Arctic Ocean, and along with it...brightly colored Woolly Mammoth ivory, just a section of a tusk, but very beautiful and hard, as ivory is."
"Walking along the river, in the gravels, and clear water from Ice Age thaw, does offer a treasure along the way, a very well preserved 'Woolly Mammoth" tooth, the same color as the surrounding 'limestone' rocks."
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"Just finished an example of 'Artifact' intended sculpture from ancient 'Woolly Mammoth Ivory'. I have been reproducing artifact types for many years, such a combs, hair pins and 'spoons'...adding my own distinguishable designing efforts. The 'Amulet' prototypes are roughly (2inches) in length or smaller. No two examples are alike and hand worked entirely by replicating the original motif, (which is primarily from my note pad and drawing pencils). Usually I sculpt the original 'finished' product to expected specifications, then bring it to my studio (another building) for a production of specific designs with my team of artisans aiding in the quantity productions, (production is both Woolly Mammoth Ivory and Domestic Cow 'Bovine' Bone. This particular design, (photo), is a ladle type, but small enough to be a 'spoon' pendant (Amulet)."
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