Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Recently completed Woolly Mammoth Ivory 'Amulet,' embraced with an old Russian 'glacier blue' trade bead. The Amulet Lance expresses it's highest grade of this gemstone ivory.  The beauty of this ivory is rare, and always appreciation with my fortune to sculpt from such wondrous material."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Amulets, Talismans and in this case, a 'Thokcha,' of which is termed an 'Amulet' donned by this Tibetan Shaman, is a motif of the 'Sun and the Moon,' obviously fortifies certain strength, not just protection, as Amulets offer, but confidence to the holder, a tenacity within the spirit world that manifests in the physical realm given that exists greater threat and requires vigilance." 

Monday, April 8, 2013

"Archaeologists refer to many of these Human forms as 'Dolls.'  Toys offered to girl children by a members of the family. No doubt that toys were a part of children's lives as apparent by archaeological discoveries, yet, some are not. Some Human forms, are designed as powerful Amulets, that are endowed with the creator of these forms to serve their purpose. Amulet motif, are by logic, illustrating skeletal 'rib' engravings, emaciation, facial expressions, and other indications that are not appropriate as a toy. It is also very likely that children have been given Amulet 'dolls' to aid them and harbor them from danger and spiritual negativity. This very large Amulet was in theory an Amulet used for an entire household, or even a village. It is very large, and probably a foot in length. It was not an ornament, it was a Talisman, an Amulet, given to great importance by the owners."

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Amulets are not fashion jewelry, they are 'personal' objects that are given by it's owner the opportunity to be endowed with strength and certain spiritual fortitude. Ancient ivory absorbs emotions, that of sincerity, and it may be positive or a dark force given by the choice of the holder. Positive energy given to 'Amulets' charges only positive with a consciousness that emulates the bearer, adding confidence within real culture paradigms and especially in nature, expanding the aura array. The sub-conscious of others are most definitely effected by Amulets, the more attention given to Amulets the greater effect they project, as has been the case throughout prehistory and dimensional realms."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"It is definitely not 'jewelry' that was produced for unknown thousands of years. It was significant objects of power, given by the creator of these Amulets. They were empowered by spiritually sensitive individuals, by Shamanistic endeavors to offer a tangible link to what people perceived as their unseen strengths. As a sculptor, I intend that my production offers, once again objects of pride, Amulets of purpose from old or ancient teeth of various important beings of the tundra, or reflections of designs also ancient with a tradition maintained since their extinction hundreds if not thousands of years buried. My 'Ancient Amulet' blog offers these motifs within our time now, it is almost limitless as I have a very extensive record of these on file from archaeological record. Some are actually in my possession and I am here to express to my readers that they are indeed empowered even after centuries lost in ice." 

Monday, March 11, 2013

"It is slow, really, and goes mostly unnoticed.  There is really no way of telling the difference until photos are compared from previous years.  The coastline would not look any different to those whom have not see it before, but, the coast is changing,  Some areas the buildings are falling into the Bering and Chukchi Sea. Ancient villages going away, from their thousand year foundations, winter ice is never consistent and in spring, Polar Bears challenged to adapt to an ice free platform that is essential to their cycle of continued existence with speculations now viewing them as interaction with coastal Grizzly populations to an eventual corroboration of survival.  My beach combing, photography venture, is compromised now with the hazards of Polar Bears pacing back and forth on beaches offering extreme dangers for people, Caribou and Reindeer. I harbor no fear or apprehension, in being this far north, it is the only place on Earth that offers me resolve, my only religion is the Arctic" 

"It has never been purposeful for me to produce 'jewelry' or 'necklaces' for ornamental purposes only, it has always seemed of little purpose and shallow, apart for the ancient ivory I have worked with.  Now that I am in this 'other' intention, it is only for the true purpose of Amulets that maintain my interest. Jewelry does not offer me very much at all with regards to designs without meaning.  Flashy, shiny, jewelry will never offer the future meaning other than the medium and the artist's reputation.  I do not regard 'art' as much of an explanation for this type of creativity, the term has always left me without real meaning and substance, even as most words and descriptions, are in a great way, lacking depth and dimension. The importance of objects such as this image represents is rarely achieved, and cast off easily as belonging to a museum with conscripts deciding it's fate, also lacking in any semblance of their actual importance and is perceived as a scientific and cold reference.  I for one, have ventured a great deal of personal association to such artifacts, as they were of such great importance to ancient hunters and peoples living in the extremes of this rare region of extreme peoples."

"Ancient Inuit habitat, dwelling in the most demanding environments, now named Alaska, yet in seasons of  prehistory, no name was most likely given.  Driftwood from major rivers washing on the shores and beaches offered building materials.  Bone and ivory of both Woolly Mammoth and Walrus was the chosen 'hard' material used for hunting tools and expressions of images that that were handed down for generations that eventually became special, and cherished with endowed powers as Talismans and Amulets.  Ornaments decorated with symbols and Human forms were common place, indeed some sculpted of wood also offered the bearer an attachment to the land and to the world of the supernatural"