Thursday, May 20, 2010

"I have ceased producing jewelry, at least, for my interests, instead, I am focused and interested in "Amulets."  These are objects of power, as Amulets have been endowed with a certain essential power for thousands of years, even in Human's earliest ancestry.  They made decorative ornaments, but place importance in images as sacred 'Amulets' that empowered their lives in the natural, spiritual world."  "The 'real' difference between jewelry and Amulets is a ritualized grafting of attention to objects, a personal adherence to the 'inner-world' or in another personal directive of the 'underworld' with both being 'aura' manipulating forces."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Elephant Safari Park"  in 'Taro' Bali will find the elephants well trained to 'play ball' from 'football' to 'basketball.'  It is really difficult to bluff, block or steal a ball from them, they just have the upper 'trunk.'  Large pendant in the photo represents one of many designs from my studio presented to Nigel and Yanie Mason, founders of the 'Park.' "Sculpted of  'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' from my 2009 Arctic Expedition."
"One of the 'Many' 'Elephant' compositions I present to Nigel and Yanie Mason of 'Taro' Elephant Park, in 'Taro,' Bali.  There are thirty elephants rescued from certain loss from the habitat loss in Sumatra."  "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" from the studio of William Sidmore"
"Don't Play with Your Food"   "Woolly Mammoth Ivory" from the studio of  'William Sidmore'  "This ivory was collected while beach combing the Bering Sea region of Alaska.  This area produces the 'richest' colors due to the mineral salts offered by the long term immersion while this ivory remained on the sea-bed.  When the Ice Age was in full force, the Bering Sea was dry land as the build-up of the interior glaciers lowered the sea level."