Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Close-up of the 'Sumatran Elephant' composition of  'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' and very interesting from a standpoint that this ivory is in the range of 40,000 years in age.  "Indeed, 'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' is the alternative ivory in place of the modern ivories that are 'justifiably' restricted."
"My favorite compositions are composed of groups of certain ideas drafted into three dimensions such as this 'Sumatran Elephant' group sculpted of ancient 'Woolly Mammoth Ivory' in my studio. " The length of this object is roughly two feet and of a flawless section of tusk."

"On occasion, I will discover something prehistoric from another creature such as this 'Moose' antler base lying in shallow water in the Arctic.  For bone, it is a remarkable sculpture medium and rare...interesting to think that a moose walked alongside the Woolly Mammoth for hundreds of thousands of years and survived the great extinction of the last Ice Age."
"Woolly Mammoth 'femur' bone discovered in river gravel, Arctic, Alaska...'When I discovered this bone fragment, it was reminiscent of a section of  'drift-wood' with a 'sun-bleached' surface mixed in with similarly colored gravels.  "Mammoth Hunter series"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"In the late 19th century, gold-miners thawed thousands of yards of permafrost to access the gold bearing gravel which ran in a layer beneath frozen Pleistocene frozen silt, deposited by melting glaciers and thousands of years of winds and  'Ice Age' storms.  "Mammoth tusks were a by-product of the effort along with a myriad of other extinct fossil fauna from the Ice Age."
"It was a three day ordeal and on the forth day I left this camp."  "A storm arrived from Siberia bringing with it high winds and rain...incessant.  I constructed a 'tri-pod' out of driftwood and leaned the boat on it's braces to prevent the winds from 'pinning' my tent to the sand."  On the morning of the forth day, the winds were still at probably, thirty five knots and still too much for one person...and a dog to brave the surf."  "It was nearly impossible to 'get off' the surf into the sound, as I entered the surf, positioning the bow of the boat into the winds, while standing in the water, I started the engine and when ready, I kicked the motor in gear and jumped in the boat...and off I went into Escholtz Bay."  

"I thought I would never show this photo, I paid no attention to the 'pink' towel,  I still do not know how I came to bring it with me on this expedition, I mean, nice to have a small dry towel when you camp for weeks on end.  I discovered this tusk just within the gravel next to the shoreline on this river.  Nice little 'cow mammoth' tusk, always happy to discover, yet why do I have a 'pink' towel?"

"Woolly Mammoth Ivory Tusk as it lay in the river's gravel, high 'Arctic Alaska.'  'This tusk find is considered 'Secondary Deposition' due to being in the gravel and not in 'situ' or in place within it's parent permafrost (Which would then be considered 'Primary Deposition')."
"Woolly Mammoth Skulls"  "After the hunt, ancient hunters collected the skulls for use as both 'Drums' for apparent ceremonies and the use of ivory for tools, ornaments, amulets for personal motifs and traditional  spiritual links to insights and Shaman visions"

"Walrus Ivory"  " Projectile end blades discovered in an ancient 'Yupik' burial,'   "Okvik"(extinct) tribe of the 'Yupik' horizon, typifies design motifs illustrating specifically this group.   "Each subsequent group has similar motif concepts, including individual signatures engraved on the ivory surface."   "Location Bering Sea, 'east'  Russian coastline."

"Just 'sat' down with a blank paper and a 'ball point pen' and drafted this 'Warrior,' tying on a new ivory lance point, he is wearing an armored vest cut from 'Walrus Ivory' useful in stopping arrows and lance thrusts from warriors in conflict."  "He also wore two 'Lip Plugs' or 'Labrets' proving kinship with the 'Walrus."  1985 Skagway, Alaska.......
"Woolly Mammoth Ivory, 'Harpoon' motif, reminiscent of the 'Ipiutatk' Eskimo designs used in Arctic Alaska over two thousand years ago.  "Production showing of this design was distributed in it's entirety with another production scheduled for 2010 summer.  "I am considering a 'double barb' modification for effect."