Saturday, March 6, 2010

"It was a three day ordeal and on the forth day I left this camp."  "A storm arrived from Siberia bringing with it high winds and rain...incessant.  I constructed a 'tri-pod' out of driftwood and leaned the boat on it's braces to prevent the winds from 'pinning' my tent to the sand."  On the morning of the forth day, the winds were still at probably, thirty five knots and still too much for one person...and a dog to brave the surf."  "It was nearly impossible to 'get off' the surf into the sound, as I entered the surf, positioning the bow of the boat into the winds, while standing in the water, I started the engine and when ready, I kicked the motor in gear and jumped in the boat...and off I went into Escholtz Bay."  

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