Monday, March 11, 2013

"It has never been purposeful for me to produce 'jewelry' or 'necklaces' for ornamental purposes only, it has always seemed of little purpose and shallow, apart for the ancient ivory I have worked with.  Now that I am in this 'other' intention, it is only for the true purpose of Amulets that maintain my interest. Jewelry does not offer me very much at all with regards to designs without meaning.  Flashy, shiny, jewelry will never offer the future meaning other than the medium and the artist's reputation.  I do not regard 'art' as much of an explanation for this type of creativity, the term has always left me without real meaning and substance, even as most words and descriptions, are in a great way, lacking depth and dimension. The importance of objects such as this image represents is rarely achieved, and cast off easily as belonging to a museum with conscripts deciding it's fate, also lacking in any semblance of their actual importance and is perceived as a scientific and cold reference.  I for one, have ventured a great deal of personal association to such artifacts, as they were of such great importance to ancient hunters and peoples living in the extremes of this rare region of extreme peoples."

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