Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"It is definitely not 'jewelry' that was produced for unknown thousands of years. It was significant objects of power, given by the creator of these Amulets. They were empowered by spiritually sensitive individuals, by Shamanistic endeavors to offer a tangible link to what people perceived as their unseen strengths. As a sculptor, I intend that my production offers, once again objects of pride, Amulets of purpose from old or ancient teeth of various important beings of the tundra, or reflections of designs also ancient with a tradition maintained since their extinction hundreds if not thousands of years buried. My 'Ancient Amulet' blog offers these motifs within our time now, it is almost limitless as I have a very extensive record of these on file from archaeological record. Some are actually in my possession and I am here to express to my readers that they are indeed empowered even after centuries lost in ice." 

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